Wednesday, 11 November 2015

It's a Lush tag

Hello there my little readers. I feel a bit stupid. Normally you should get tagged into this kind of tags.. But I have only one blogger friend ( I know I am not that social and I have no idea how to socialize. I mean, how do they meet, do you just random start talking. Nobody talked to me on my blog. Now I need to pick myself up, crying in the corner of my room) Ah well. I haven't done something Lush-ish in a while so I guess here we go. By the way, I found this thing on Tumblr. You can stalk me on Jankagr .
I don't made any photo's because I am still learning to take photos and the light here is awful.

1 How did you get into Lush? Well, I guess it was the Internet that made me fall in love with this brand. Looking for videos on Youtube. Like a lot of people I guess. Last summer I went to London with my best friend and it this was on the top of my to-do list. To be very honest I didn't liked it there the first time. Everyone was very nice but it was so overwhelming. So we went the day after that and now the rest is history.
2 How often do you go to Lush? Too much.. a bit too much. I guess once or twice a month. But after  a year I know what I like and it's mostly a repurchase.. And I got a friend who loves them. He get's all hyped up because of all the colors. So when I tell him I am going to Lush he wants a bath ballistic for himself.
3 What is your favorite product out of anything? Okay I don't want to do this question.. I like a lot of things because of another reason. I love the way bath ballistics makes me feel, really comforting and relaxing, or the feeling of being clean thanks to a shower gel. Or the way my skin and hair feels afterwards. Too difficult..
4 What is your favorite soap? This is the discontinued Iced Blue. I know it's very drying but the smell.. oh my god, to die for. Nothing smells really like it and I really hated to see it disappeared. Mehh. Crying in the corner again
5 What is your favorite bath ballistic? Hmm difficult. I love the apple scent of So white but the new Intergalactic. My sweet lord of cookies. The color your bath turns bright blue and all the luster oh my. I am sorry So white but Intergalactic wins.

6 What is your favorite bubble bar? This one is easy and standard. The comforter. It was the first thing I used from lush. I used so little and the bubbles and the color and the smell were divine. That was the moment I went Lush and never got back.
7 What is your favorite showergel or shower jelly? I really hate shower jellies. They always crumble and never lather.  Here I will chose for the So white showergel. I still got 500 ml from last year. It is a fresh apple scent with roses, so delicate and not overpowering. Everytime I use it my mom wants to smell me and tells me that I smell very good. But a very close second is the Lord of Misrule showercream. Maybe if the lather was better you could've been a winner.
8 What is your favorite haircare or facecare product? I have to choose two. I love the enzymion for my face. It makes my face so soft and I have never found a face product that suits me. Good for me. As haircarewise ( not a shock) Rehab shampoo. I am thinking about switching to something else because I cut almost all of my hair and now it doesn't really need to go in Rehab haha.
9 Your go to product in the morning? Kalamazoo. The smell of all the fruit juices really wakes me up in the morning and it does really good things to my sensitive skin. Like it a lot, just bought a new pot. I bought it for my ex when we were dating because he had a sensitive skin under his beard. I started using it because, well it was there and I needed to clean my skin and the rest is history.

10 A product you regret buying? I need to look this thing up. Ceridwen's Cauldron, the bath melt. In store I thought is smelt so good. When I got home I wanted to treat myself but the smell.. ugh. So peppery it gave me a headache. The genius I am did the melt in the bath and it was horrible. The smell stayed on my skin the whole night. My mom sniffed me and told me I smelled horrible so I got into the shower because it. was. horrible.
11 Optional: If you could invent your own lush product, what would it be? Oh I want to make a beautiful bath ballistic! A little bit like so white, smells like fresh apples and maybe.. a bit of cinnamon because that works so well in autumn. The centre must be a deep color, a bit like Lord of Misrule so that the water turns a deep red. And lustre, so much lustre, why not it is my bath ballistic. Yeah I could do that. Or maybe with valentines day they can put some hearts in it so it can be romantic. Where can I sign in?

Because I have one friend on my blog I tag Valerierandomness

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